Girlhood is a series of photographs documenting a variety of girls residing in Bristol, and their views on what it means to be a woman. The project was created with the purpose of promoting self-love and awareness about how women feel about the social and economical pressures they feel are put on them through, for example, the media. The girls are captured in their own environment and around Bristol. Each layout has been created to be unique for each girl and feature quotes from the many interviews I conducted with each woman I photographed. I had a clear vision from the start. I wanted my images to promote self-love not only within each subject, but towards young women throughout the community. Non-models are featured within the work creating an honest depiction of contemporary womanhood, and allowing the general public to be able to relate to the images. I gave in each subject the freedom to dress as they pleased, coordinating and individuality within the images and portraying each subject’s unique personality.