Inspired by the term ‘ugly beauty’ - a trend gaining popularity daily over social media platforms - ‘Koebe’ is an editorial challenging conventional beauty. A theme which is prevalent throughout my work, and is explored here though through exaggerating distorted facial expressions and ‘awkward’ poses.

‘Koebe’ showcases a variety of different skills suitable for a studio environment. The images featured in this editorial have been created using a mixture of 120mm and 35mm film, with each image having a consistent amount of light, in order to ensure that the colour of the background remains the same.

Taking inspiration from magazines such as I-D, I wanted to create an editorial with an edge to it. My work often targets the youth of today, so I wanted to create something that would captivate them.

In addition, my work often is inspired by streetwear brands and the community surrounding it. I believe it is important to have a strong visual identity throughout your work, so the styling of this editorial combines high fashion, with street style. I explored this further through the editorial’s Art Direction by not only choosing a more informal font but also by creating the black and white background which to me takes quite an artistic form (Art and street is something I feel goes hand in hand).